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Plans and Pricing

Basic Plan


Month / Camera
Best Value

Cloud Storage
30 Days(SD @480P/7FPS)*

Video Streaming
15 Hrs of video streaming through Cloud (SD @480P/7FPS)* Unlimited local live streaming through LAN.

Event Notification
Motion Detection

* Storage/Streaming may vary based on FPS and Resolution

How long does my subscription period last?

Your subscription period will last for one month and will be automatically renewed at the end of each month.

Where can I review my invoices?

Detailed history of you invoices can be viewed on the WebOnVR website under your login.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and Master Card. We use a Global 3rd party payment partner to securely process all our transactions.

Can I switch plans at anytime?

Currently we offer only the Business Plan. We will offer additional plans in the future. Then you will be able to switch the plans. When you switch from one plan to another the change will automatically pro-rate any pricing differences.

Does the subscription require a commitment period?

We offer monthly plans with no required commitment periods. You pay as you go and are free to cancel at anytime. There are no refunds.

Can I request for additional bandwidth if it runs out?

Yes, you can buy additional bandwidth at any time. Also, when you sign up for a plan you can opt for automated allocation of additional bandwidth.