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How it Works
  1. Connect your Camera
Cloud Storage

Using your IP Camera manufacturer’s instruction connect and configure your IP Camera to your WIFI or LAN network.

2. Create an New Account  
Register for a new account to access the WebOnVR site. WebOnVR site will send a verification email with your login details to you. Create Account
Click to create new account

  3. Choose Subscription
Choose Business Plan Clicking on the Verification mail will navigate to the WebOnVR site. When you login you will be directed to the Subscription Plan Page where you will select your plan.

4. Install the WebOnVR Application  
Step 1: Please login to WebOnVR site.
Step 2: Download WebOnVR application for Stand-Alone Axis Camera from the download link Download(.tar file will get downloaded)
Step 3: Upload the WebOnVR application from the step(2) to the Axis Camera web interface.
( http://< IP Address of Axis Camera >/ ) More Info
Download Firmware

  5. Add the Camera to WebOnVR
Cloud Storage
Step 1: Navigating to http://< IP Address of Camera >:81
Step 2: Type in your WebOnVR Account Email-ID and Camera(Axis/Vivotek) username and password. More Info

The added camera will be listed in your WebOnVR account – Camera Management Tab.

6. Download WebOnVR Mobile Apps  
WebOnVR allows you to view what is important on all your favorite devices including iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and Web. Download Download
Click to download Application

  7. Launch WebOnVR Apps
Download Enter the Username, Password in the Login screen and the Domain name in the Settings screen to launch and connect to the Cameras through Cloud. Enter the Domain name as '' from the Settings button.