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Fast, Easy Setup  
  • Connect your camera to the network by Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Follow the easy instructions to install your camera
  • Within minutes, you’re ready to go
  • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play store download your iOS or Android App for your smart phones
Cloud Storage

  Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage
  • WebOnVR lets you to record and manage event's videos in the cloud
  • Play the recorded video 24/7 using your smart phone
  • View live video from your smart phone through cloud at any time

Low Monthly Cost  
  • WebOnVR is an affordable solution where you only pay a low monthly fee per camera
  • For Stand-Alone Camera all you need to buy is a camera
Low Cost


Intelligent Live Video Access

Cloud Download
  • Play live video through LAN when you are at home
  • Automatically switch to cloud if you are on road

Stand-Alone Camera Solution  

IP cameras with built-in WebOnVR software

An IP camera with built-in WebOnVR software works with WebOnVR Cloud by itself — there is no need to connect it to computer. No need to open Ports in your Firewall. and you will be able to access it from anywhere over the Internet.

  • Currently we support Axis and Vivotek cameras.
Stand-Alone Camera

  Motion Alarm alerts
Multi-Camera Solution Triggered by motion, WebOnVR can instantly alert you to your Android and iOS Devices, allowing you to quickly view what's happening or see the recorded clip in your account.

Bandwidth friendly  
WebOnVR optimizes the use of your bandwidth. It only uploads video clips associated motion events instead of constant streaming video to the cloud storage. WebOnVR client applications intelligently switch between LAN and Cloud mode of optimize streaming of Live Video. Multi-Camera Solution

  Smart Pre Buffer
Multi-Camera Solution Capture events before they even happen! Using the cameras internal memory WebOnVR can record up to 15 or 30 seconds before motion is triggered so you never have to worry about only capturing half a clip and only knowing half the story.