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About Us
About WebOnVR

The recent proliferation of IP Cameras has been driven by advances in technology and significant drops in cost. One of major challenge to adoption of IP Cameras in Consumer and Small Business communities has been complexity associated with delivering Live and Recorded IP Video streams from behind firewalls. Standalone recording engines behind firewall have a number of limitations and require active management from users. Omeon's WebOnVR solution addresses firewall issues in a very innovative and cost effective manner. It also provides a very sophisticated Cloud Based Video Recording solution that has global reach and unlimited scalability. In addition, it takes away the burden of management of videos from users. WebOnVR also has very user friendly Video Review clients on iPhone, Android and Browsers.
WebOnVR Technology

WebOnVR consists of 3 major components:
  • Home/Office Component (Video Enabled Device)
    • Home/Office Component performs the following functions
      • Automatically discovers IP Cameras and notifies the CloudOnVR
      • Auto Configures the IP Cameras for Motion Detection
      • Forwards Live Video to CloudOnVR
      • Pre-buffers Event Video
      • Forwards Event Video to CloudOnVR for Playback Recording
      • Forwards Motion Events To CloudOnVR
      • Performs Back Up video recording whenever connectivity to the Cloud is lost
  • Cloud Component (CloudOnVR)
    • CloudOnVR is a Cloud Based Playback video recording engine that supports the following
      • Records Playback and Event video forwarded by Video Enabled Device
      • Streams Playback and Event video to End Clients
      • Sends real-time notifications to Smart Phone based Clients
      • Delivers Live Video using Proxy Technology to End Clients
      • Intelligent management of allocated disk space by video grooming
  • Client Component
    • This component provides the Video Review application
      • iPhone/iPad
      • Android
      • Windows Rich Client
      • Windows Web Client
      • Instant Notification for Events such as Motion Detection
      • Live Video
      • Playback Video
      • Event Video
      • Support for HTTP, TCP and UDP video streaming