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Wi-Fi Camera Support
  • WebOnVR innovatively combines with Amazon Cloud Technologies and Off-The-Shelf Devices (IP Cameras, WIFI Routers) to deliver smooth Live and Recorded video to Smart Clients.
  • WebOnVR employs a blend of Recording on SD cards and Cloud-Recording in AWS to minimize storage costs and to ensure no video loss during network outages.
  • Wi-Fi and Wired camera support.
  • Dual Steaming support to optimize bandwidth limitations.
  • Instant notification of Motion/PIR/VA events with accompanying Live feed.
  • Intelligent switch to LAN based Live streaming.
  • Viewing Clients: iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Web Browser
Stand-Alone Camera Solution
  • Supported on AXIS and VIVOTEK IP Cameras now. More coming..
  • Works with WIFI and Wired IP Camera models.
  • Simple process to install WebOnVR App into the IP Camera.
  • No need to open Ports in your Firewall.
  • IP Camera automatically connects to WebOnVR Cloud.
  • Pre-Configured for recording motion video in the cloud.
  • Intelligent use of SD card for fail-over during network outages.
Cloud Storage Cloud Storage
  • Even works with low end WIFI without SD card.
Coming Soon...
Multiple Camera Support
  • Innovative design using off-the-shelf WIFI Routers (Pat. Pend.)
  • Simple process to install WebOnVR App into the Router.
  • Connect Wired or WIFI IP Cameras.
  • Supports ONVIF 2.0 devices.
  • IP Cameras are Auto-Discovered and Pre-Configured for Motion Recording.
  • No need to open Ports in your Firewall.
  • IP Cameras automatically connects to WebOnvr Cloud.
  • Intelligent use of USB attached storage for network outages.